Thursday, April 26, 2012

Timbuktu written by Paul Auster

A book I recommend Timbuktu written by Paul Auster. It's about a life of a dog and his owner. Mr Bones ( the mutt) is struggling to come to terms with his owner (Willy) who is homeless and dying. Mr Bones is worried that he won't meet up with Willy in Timbuktu (heaven) and that he won't therefore see his owner again. Not a very happy book but everything that Paul Auster writes is beautiful and thought provoking. It's a tale of human and canine bond/ love and finding purpose in one's life.
Here's a paragraph from the book ..."If Mr Bones had belonged to some recognizable breed, he might have stood a chance in the daily beauty contests for prospective owners, but Willy's sidekick was a hodgepodge of genetic strains-part collie, part labrador, part spanial. part canine one was going to rescue him. as the homeless bard was fond of putting it, the outcome was written in stone, unless Mr Bones found another master in one quick hurry, he was a pooch primed for oblivion"

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