Sunday, April 29, 2012

A denuncia is made on a neighbor who trapped a dog in a cave

Protection Animal welfare organisation in Gomera  reported that employees of the protective and Civil Guard officers have rescued a dog that was sprayed with poison and left trapped in a cave in the area of ​​La Hoya, in Valle Gran Rey. The owner of the dog has been identified by the Civil Guard,  and has been  charged with an alleged crime of animal abuse.The rescue took place thanks to the care of neighbors, who after hearing constant whining of a dog coming from a cliff, decided to inspect the area. 

Neighbors found  a cave walled up with stones and a large black dog, a German shepherd mix Rottweiler, was tied up with a rope and a strong odor of poison was present. The dog, about seven years old, had malnutrition and dehydration, lack of hair and muscle and burns on the eyelids, said Domiique Lecroc secretary of Animal protection Gomera .The dog was taken to the veterinarian to receive first aid and then taken to a dog hotel in Tenerife to  recover from the many injuries he suffered.

Protection Animal Gomera, who filed a complaint with the Civil Guard and the city of Valle Gran Rey, initially asked the cooperation of citizens to find out the identity of the owner of the animal. Shortly after it  the person who allegedly trapped the dog in the cave was called to testify 30th April Monday in the police station. 

The protection Civil  reported that so far this year there have been many more strays animals in La Gomera , and a considerable increase in acts of cruelty...examples of which are puppies dumped in trash bins and seven cases of dogs being thrown from moving cars of which only two were saved.

Information taken from Diaro De Las PalmasFriday 27th April


  1. What is wrong with people? How long did the culprit plan his little torture mission? That is a human being with serious mental problems and I hope he gets both a stiff penalty and some medical assistance.

    As for the poor dog, I hope he or she is eventually given to a good family where s/he can live out the rest of her days in peace and comfort.

  2. Yep Julie horrible what some people can do. Just hope that the pooch finds a caring home to live out the rest of her life.