Saturday, March 12, 2011

Film Review - Beverly Hills Chihuahua

A funny and romantic tale of a downtown Chihuahua (Papi) who falls in love with a uptown pampered Chihuahua (Chloe).

Papi belongs to the garderner of Chloe’s owner , and first sets his eyes on Chloe when she is relaxing around the pool with her Beverly hills pampered canine friends. Chloe at first is not impressed with Papi as he smells of dirt and is a bit  ‘ruff’ for her taste , but Chloe soon warms to Papi as he is such a fun pooch.

Disaster strikes ! Chloe gets kidnapped in Mexico when on holiday with her minder, after her owner jets off on business to Europe. The kidnappers are a dog fighting team. Fortunately for Chloe an Alsation comes to the rescue and they both manage to escape, but their problems are not over as Diablo a doberman is after them, sent by the dog fighting team.

This is a very cute and funny film and the acting is superb, (the human actors are pretty good as well) . I particularly like the part where a tribe of Chihuahuas living in the desert are keen to prove that there is more to their breed than the traditional lapdog image would imply. This is also the scene where Chloe finds her 'Woof' but I won’t give  anymore away.

I give this film 5 Woofs out of 5 Woofs

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