Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Accion-del-sol Weekly update

Press release written by Karen Clack -
Aktion Tiers vets in Germany are on duty 24hours a day , caring and treating all types of domestic, wild and animals in danger, ranging from dogs to horses, birds to pigs. This is a lot of hard work for the vets in Germany.
Aktion Tier in Tenerife have applied for a licence in Tenerife so they can to help various types of animals. They would like to have a mobile veterinary ambulance , this would help alot of animals and people who are elderly or unable to travel to a vets. In Germany this service has been operating very successfully for many years by Aktion Tier. The mobile ambulance would obviously not be as equipped as a clinic but it would help in the first instance to aid an injured or sick animal. If you would like to find out more about Aktion Tier then please view there website at 

In the first week of April 100 of pupils from the Los Cristianos Public School will visit the refuge. It is a good sign that more and more education centres in Tenerife are respecting and visiting the stray dog rescue centre and learning how to care and treat animals. This can only help in the future to give animals a better life.
Also In the First week of April Spanish TV will make a report about Acción del Sol´". People will be able to see what happens to a dog after arriving at the refuge Accion del Sol , this will include the veterinary care that the dog receives and the rehomming procedures at the refuge. 
Lots of dogs from Arona and Granadilla have come in to the refuge in the last few weeks, please before you buy a dog. Come to the refuge or tell your friends and neighbours about the rescue centre. This is a good way to help us re home our many dogs in our care. The refuge is open Monday - Friday 3-6 pm 
Sunday saw a few hearty Accion Del Sol supporters heading to Guaza car boot to raise a few euros for the dogs, firstly a big thank you to all the people that have donated clothing, bric a brac, furniture etc for us to sell and to all the volunteers that helped today. Please contact the refuge on 922778630 or Karen on 687905511 if you have any items that you would like to donate to Accion Del Sol. Training
Another handy tip from Caz Lowther. 
Reward Based Training - If there is one thing all dogs respond to no matter what they are doing is receiving a treat of some sort. A treat/reward can be in the for of Food, Toys, Play time or good old spoken Praise.

The golden rule in training is Ignore any Unwanted behaviour, and Praise any Good behaviour. EG the puppy that goes off to their bed and finds a toy which they start chewing gets ignored by the owner, the next day the puppy sees a slipper on the floor picks it up and runs off swiftly followed by the owner giving chase… Which behaviour do you want to see repeated?? I can tell you now the slipper episode is the one the puppy will remember as it was great fun.

Don't forget our Spring fund raising event on the 10th of April with a fashion show, a petting section of various animals for the children, horse rides, and lots more fun for all the family. The dog agility course will also be open for anyone that would like to practise with there dog. This will be a great day out . If anyone would like to join in and help us in any way then please contact the refuge or Karen on the above numbers. We are still looking for a larger model size 16 or up if anyone would like to volunteer.

Aktion tier-animal shelter Tenerife Acción del Sol

A center for the protection and medical care of animals on Tenerife Industrial area of Granadilla

ITER Park Exit 52 TF1.
38600 Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife - Accion Del Sol is open Monday - Friday 3- 6pm

Tel.: +34 922 77 86 30

Fax: +34 922 77 86 30

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