Sunday, January 23, 2011

Information on how to complain about a barking dog in your complex

Some dogs unfortunately woof too much and can annoy people living in a complex, usually this is due to the fact that their owners are out all day and they never get taken for a walk so are bored and frustrated. Obviously this is not much consolation if you are on the receiving end of 24 hour barking...!

if you are annoyed by barking read the following...

1. Go to the president and make an official complaint

2. Go to the the administrator of the complex and they will send a warning letter to the owners of the dog. 

If this doesn't work, you will have to lodge an official complaint to your area ,with a letter from administrator and evidence ie,photos or recordings

There is some information on the Ayuntamiento website about how animals legally should be kept and looked after

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