Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dali a pup who was found in a cave...

Introducing Dali who was born on 21/10/2010 in a cave in the Charco del Pino area. He was very weak and severaly dehydrated. Whilst his sisters and brother were taken to the MAdAT shelter he went to a foster home. He was ill for awhile but his fighting spirit shone through and he recovered.

He now is a handsome 3 month old and has appointed himself as the "guardian" of the 4 little pups that were dumped (at 20 days old) in a cardboard box at a vets door and are now being cared for in the same foster home.

Dali loves playing with humans, dogs and the cat, going for walks and cuddling up.

Who has a basket waiting for this little man in their loving home?

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