Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pete and Kate to the Rescue !

Nikki and Richard found an abandoned pooch near where we live. It looked like as if a human might of just dumped him in the car park, but of course if the dog has a micro-chip the Vet might be able to locate the owners and it could be that the carers of the Pooch have genuinely lost him.

He is a very trusting and affectionate dog and it was easy for Richard to put him in the car, mind you he did scoff all my dog biscuits, but I did'n't mind the pooch was hungry.

The doggy is now staying with Pete and Kate and being taken care of until he finds a home.

Here is a photo Pete took this morning, he will be having a fur-cut soon to make him more presentable - but even without a fur-cut he is a very cute dog. Nikki and Richard reckon he was once looked after well as he is very affectionate.

Muchas gracias Pete and Kate for coming to the rescue of this pooch. You are stars...!

If anybody reading this would like to give this dog a home ring Pete or Kate on


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