Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Transporting your Pet from Tenerife to the UK


Take your pet to the Vet's to have his/her Rabies injection.  Approx cost  €25.

Blood Test

After they have had their Rabies injection - count 30 days (must not be under 30 days) or more than 3 months and take them to the Vet's for their blood test. Approx cost €50 - 70  depending if it is a cat or dog. A cat will be more expensive because he/she has to be sedated first.
You then wait for the results to come through approx 3/4 months to see if the blood test was correct for shipping your pet home. From the day of the blood test you have to count 6 months before your pet can fly to the UK.


You must make sure your pet has a Pet Passport - this is blue in colour with the European Sign on the front.  If you need to convert your current book to the Pet Passport the cost of this is €25

Travel Cage
You must make sure your cage for your animal is Airline Approved.  If it is for a dog the animal must be able to stand up and turn around and his/her head must not touch the top of the cage.
The cost of cages can vary, there are some good places where these are sold at a much cheaper rate than the Airport or Air Carrier.

There are many Pet Carriers from Tenerife to the UK - ring around for the best price.
Approximate price and this will vary from carrier to carrier is €600 for the first pet and approx €190 for every pet thereafter.  The maximum amount of animals per consignment is four.

Fit to fly
You must take your pet to the Vet's more than 24 hours before the pet fly's and no less than 48 hours.  The vet will administer tick and tapeworm treatment and give your pet one final health check and then produce a certificate that the pet is fit to fly on that given date.
The charge for this will be a nominal amount and will vary.

Annual injections
These must be up to date and not a day overdue.

If the above is adhered to then your pet will be able to enter the UK, customs clearance approx 2 hours. Your carrier should deal with all this and they will check all your documentation normally 24 hours before your pet is due to fly, to make sure all the above has been carried out properly. You will also find that your vet will advise you as you go.

Your Pet is Important !
Please give him/her the chance to go home with you and not to be given to the nearest Animal refuge.

Written by Shirley Ann Burton - Pet Sitter ring 666  282 275  or  626 707 216

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