Friday, June 4, 2010

Shirley Ann, Pet Sitter

Introducing Shirley Ann, pet sitter . 

I came to live in Tenerife August 2000. I bought with me my Great Dane Warwick and 4 cats.

In October, 2002 I was having a drink in a bar in Playa de Arena when in walked a couple with a lovely puppy called Billy.  "Does anyone want to adopt a dog" they said.  Well who could resist, a Labrador / Jack Russell cross and 8 weeks old. "We will" I said.  "Is he a well behaved puppy", I said.  "In a word they said he was very naughty, and he had been found tied to a bin in Los Gigantes, and they said they had taken him in on a fostered basis, until they could find a nice home.

So next day in walked little Billy, and at once chased the cat's but they were too quick for him, they could jump onto tables and chairs in a flash!  He is not what I call naughty he is very high spirited and gives us a lot of joy.  This October he will be coming up to 8 years old and we love him a great deal.

I set up Pets @ Home in 2010 after having adopted 6 animals. The first customer I had was an owner who wanted me to look after her 2 poodles for 2 weeks. The customer rang me up "frantic" saying she had to go to the UK with her partner because he needed cancer treatment straight away, and did not know how long for. Turned out 8 weeks later her partner sadly died, and she just did not know what to do for the best. After a lot of agonising over this, she decided she was going to stay in the UK and wanted me to look after her poodles for 7 months for their quarantine.

Contact Shirley Ann on 666 282 275  or  626 707 216
Email: to enquire about pet sitting 

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