Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big list of Dog Kennels/Hotels

Here is a big list of dog kennels/ hotels where you can leave your pooch when you go away on holiday.

Si te vas de vacaciones, no puedes llevarte a tu perro y no sabes donde dejarlo, aqui tiene una larga lista de residencias

This Dog Hotel was recomended by Centro Veterinario El Madroñal - 922 713987

Adeje ----------  Canichou...........................................66 6794 080

The following list was compiled by Vet Miquel los Santos, El Medano tel: 922 176 081

ARONA-------   Patricia -------------------------------649 105 065
CHAFIRAS----- Don perro-----------------------------922 735 824
687 620 910
CHAFIRAS------Dog hotel------------------------------679 161 682
SAN ISIDRO----Carlota---------------------------------661 327 471
GUIA DE ISORA----Hunde einse Teneriffa-----------648 226 128
677 885 634
GRANADILLA---Las chozas----------------------------922 772 370
GRANADILLA---Resid. Granadilla-------------------- 616 747 284
GRANADILLA.--Diaz 4 dog ----------------------------922 772 051
GUIMAR---------El volcán-------------------------------670 805 318
AGUA DULCE---Hotel agua dulce---------------------922 693 137
608 248 857
TACORONTE-----Tagoro--------------------------------922 562 034
TACORONTE-----Elena Valerio-------------------------922 572 002
SANTA CRUZ-----Resid. Hospivet----------------------922 685 253
LA ESPERANZA--Irema Curto--------------------------922 637 388
678 585 524
GENETO-----------Mirabal-------------------------------922 261 719
TACO-------------- Resid. Taco---------------------------922 612 476
ARAFO-------------Cat y dog------------------------------690 268 425

OROTAVA--------Hospital veterinario-----------------922 320 552
922 333 476
TABAIBA ALTO--CENTRO EDUCATIVO CANINO ( can board some dogs) Javier Marquez---------------------------------649 191 600


  1. When you get to the UK: You can look at pet friendly accommodation at:

    Great site, keep up the good work and wish more canine websites had as much effort put in on them.

  2. Thanks so so much for that interesting and helful post.

  3. thanks for reccomending poochies pet hotel xx

  4. When you are visiting in South America / Argentina you can find first class pet services and Pet Hotel with PetsVentura.

    For More information:

  5. UK List Of Pet Friendly Care Homes.
    A growing concern is seperating the elderly from their beloved pet if they have to go in a care home. This can also put an added burdon on shelters at the same time.

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  7. Here´s another kennels that has more than 20 years experience with caring english owners: Paws and Claws Kennels and Grooming Parlour Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife. I left my dogs there and they didn´t wnat to come home with me, it´s a great place, i recommend it.
    Tlf: 0034 617948537
    Maureen D.

  8. Recently left my elderly Yorkie at Paws and Claws Kennels near Icod de Los Vinos for several weeks before they arranged for him to travel back to UK with us. Cannot thank you enough John for caring for Charlie so well and for making all of the arrangements for us. Would recommend you wholeheartedly.

    Chris and Pip - Dorset