Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rosie a very sweet Podenco

This post is in honour of Rosie, a very sweet and intelligent Podenco who was cruelly poisoned this week and is sadly missed by Janet Anscombe and Jeremy and many amigos.

Podencos can make very good pets and furry amigos, they are often overlooked in the rescue shelters.  But the podencos I have met who are fortunate enough to have a loving home are very affectionate and intelligent. So don't be put off adopting one, assuming they are just hunting dogs as they can make very good furry friends.!

There are many podencos in Tenerife shelters waiting for a home, who are hoping for that special person to give them a second chance. See link

Anaga ( in the photo below) who is staying at siruis canarias needs a loving home, she was abandoned near a veterinary clinic in La Laguna. Anaga is a little scared of strangers, so you would have to gain her trust. It is unfortunately typical behavior of dogs who have been abused.

But like most podencos she  is very affectionate and gets on with other dogs. Anaga is wormed, vaccinated and sterilized
Contacto --> MARISA : 649.364.883


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