Sunday, January 6, 2013

K9 Tenerife- A good dog owner

The following was taken from the K9 newsletter - written by Mikey Braithwaite

A good dog owner…
Gives dogs the opportunity to be ‘dogs’…,lets them mooch about, sniff on their walks, have the freedom to run about, and to be sociable.
Takes the time & trouble to teach dogs the boundaries that human society dictates they must know.
Protects them from the things that upset or scare them – not punish them for telling people if they are upset or scared.
Teaches dogs to cope with the difficult things in life, like being handled, being left alone or being treated by vets.
Gives the dog the opportunity to express innate dog behaviour through fun training, where this can be expressed in safe, fulfilling ways.
Manages the environment the dog lives in, so the dog is safe, secure and cannot come to any harm.
Finds an up to date training class that understands how dogs learn and what they need, and gets stuck into some doggy sports and training activities.

A good dog owner doesn’t…
Intimidate or punish to get ‘obedient’ behaviour.
Inflict unnecessary obedience or petty rules on their dog just so they can say they are ‘in charge’.
Over manage or over-control the dog’s life so it can never be a ‘dog’.

All sounds like sensible stuff thanks K9

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