Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aktion tier will be opening the first "animal welfare room" in Tenerife

Press release supplied by Marion - Director of Accion-del-Sol

Next Friday 30th March at 10 O'clock, Aktion tier will be opening the first "animal welfare room" in Tenerife. It is also the first one in Spain.

It will be at the CEIP Parque de la Reina. It is a pilot project - Young children will be  taught by their teachers about animal welfare. For example, how some wild animals are in danger, how to protect our environment, how rubbish is dangerous for wild animals etc…

It is a room specially decorated and filled with information like books, games and technical equipment. A comfortable carpet is provided so children are able to sit down on the floor, work and watch and also respect the area they are working in by keeping it clean

The equipment is sponsored by aktion tier.  So aktion tier can be sure that the animal welfare classes will be held several times a year. There are so many subjects on animal welfare to talk about,  and children will be able to learn “what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong”.

The “concejal de sanidad and the concejal de educaciĆ³n de Arona” are coming to the opening. International and canarian press have been invited.

Aktion tiers hope is , that more and more people know about the right way to treat animals.
Animals are not only for companionship and our personal guards, they are much more - They are also our friends !

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  1. What a brilliant initiative ! Wishing all the luck in the world for this. Education to the young souls in our world will make the change that is so badly needed.