Thursday, November 3, 2011

A trip to the vet, 'what a pain in the ass'...

I have been having problems today with going to the toilet , nothing was coming out !. So Nikki checked the back end this afternoon and saw something sticking out that she reckoned wasn't suppose too be there. So off to Animal Sur we went. 

Nikki explained to the Vet that I had problems doing my number two's. The vet then looked into my mouth and eyes . Nikki then said " no, no it's the back end of the dog that is the problem" . I think the Vet was trying to put off the inevitable off looking at my rear end, and really I can't blame him.

Anyhow , indeed their was something stuck, quite a few things actually , bit of twig, string,wool etc. The vet managed to clear the blockage, what a nice man..!

So the moral of the story doggies, don't eat stuff you are not suppose too otherwise it will involve a rather embarrassing and uncomfortable visit to the vet .