Friday, October 21, 2011

Accion-Del-Sol News

Press release supplied by Karen Clack


This lovely little dog is Petra who is a very good companion and best friend to Lana Bellamy who came to visit Accion Del Sol recently, Lana was amazed by the first class refuge and she had a  great time playing with the puppies and viewing the kennels. Lana very kindly made a very generous gift to Accion Del Sol which was very greatly received , many thanks to you Lana.

 The first two weeks in December are going to be a very busy time for Accion el Sol as Jack and Panchito who is a Farabella pony along with Gizmo, Nikki Attree and a few puppies from the refuge will begin the" Accion Del Sol Educational Roadshow ". Educating the children at an early age we believe will help children to understand animals and learn  to respect them aswell as learning basic care , feeding, there needs and to explain to them the difference between two animals. Nikki Attree wrote and designed an excellent training aid in words and pictures which will play a vital role in the educational roadshow see here.  This has been translated into German and Spanish as well as English and it has also been put on Aktion Tiers Website  and it is being used at the Aktion Tier Juniors club and it is proving to be a huge success. Nikki has a brought a little humour into a very serious issue of abandoned dogs and there rescue plight which allows the children to learn in a good and interesting way. Accion Del Sols vet will also attend to explain basic veterainary care and feeding as well as explaining the difference in herbivores and carnivores . Accion Del Sol is very committed to there educational programme to try to help the children of the future learn to love and care for there pets hopefully making this a better place for our four legged friends and to make headway in reducing the amount of abandoned dogs here in Tenerife.
The Director of Accion Del Sol Marion Köpke De Gonzälez is always happy to show people around the refuge and answer any questions you may have. The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the  Parque Eolica where the windmills are. The refuge is open monday - friday 3-6pm so do pop down for a visit. The refuge has seen a large increase in dogs over the last few months so if you are looking for a dog to adopt then please do pay the refuge a visit or call Accion Del Sol on 922778630.  Every dog is micro chipped, pass ported, fully updated with inoculations, sterilised / castrated and ready for new loving homes. Please do come and visit Accion Del Sol and see the amazing good work that they do there. The best care and medical treatment is provided for every dog brought into the refuge. The kennels are spotlessly clean and no flea or fly dare enter the premises !! The dogs are kept in small groups between 2 and up to 6 except for the dogs classed as dangerous dogs which have a kennel each to avoid any arguments. The dogs all arrive terrified and mostly untouchable but within a very short time they soon learn to trust humans again. Accion Del Sol do have some very nice families that do come and walk the dogs in the afternoons, if you would like to volunteer as a dog walker and you have a bit of spare time then please do call the refuge or pop in for a chat . The dogs love to go out and its a good way to get a little bit of extra exercise.

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