Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Press Release written by Karen Clack -
Well its been a very busy week at the refuge , this weekend 6 lucky dogs had an early morning wake up call to go to the airport so they could start there new lives in Germany. In the picture is Rosy after being sterilised who was one of the lucky dogs to have a new home.

This week 19 new dogs came to the refuge, 12 from Granadilla, 4 dogs from San Miguel and the first 3 dogs from the new collaboration with Arona.
We are urgently stepping up our rehomming programme to try to give as many dogs as possible a new and loving home either here in Tenerife or in Germany. This is vital as it enables us to carry on helping more dogs here in Tenerife . Every dog is vaccinated, defleed, wormed, micro chipped, sterilised or castrated, tested for heart worm, pass ported, and obviously any medical requirements the dog may have when it first arrives at the refuge. This is an initial cost of 200e per dog before feeding and maintenance of the dog. Without the collaboration of government funding ,and our own fund raising via events and membership in Germany and in Tenerife then Aktion Tier would not be able to offer the 1st class care that these dogs so desperately need and do recieve at Accion Del Sol.

Arona are enforcing there laws over abandoned and dangerous dogs so please if you do have a dangerous dog then please get the appropriate licence, the fines are extremely high up to 15,000e for abandoning a dog and up to 2000e for not having a dangerous dog licence. Times are changing for the good of the dogs here in Tenerife, together we can help stop the needless suffering. If you do find a stray or abandoned dog then please call the local police who will then arrange for Protection Civil to collect the dog which if its from Granadilla, Guia De Isora, San Miguel or Arona then the dog will be brought to the 1st class refuge Accion Del Sol. The refuge is situated at Exit 52 on the TF1, Poligono Industrial Estate, Parque Eolica De Iter, San Isidro, Tel. 922778630. The refuge is open monday - friday 3- 6pm and all visitors and volunteer dog walkers would be very welcome.
We are collecting items big and small to raise a euro or two for the dogs so please contact the refuge or Karen on 687905511 if you have any items that you would like to donate.
We have lots of fundraising events planned this year, our next event is on the 12th of march which is a long distance horse ride, if you would like to sponser us then please contact either of the numbers above.
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