Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dogs and Cars do not mix well !

This makes me barking mad, people who don't put a lead on their dog near roads.

Nikki was coming home from shopping in her car today and was centimetres away from running over a dog who decided to cross the road to play with another dog. Fortunately Nikki was not going very fast and managed to stop in time. She then tried to explain to the owner to please put a lead on your dog as next time your pooch may not be so lucky.
Unbelievably the owner responded angrily and told Nikki to mind her own business and said 'no, I will not put my dog on a lead..!'

What can I say some humans are complete idiots !, don't they understand cars and dogs do not mix well !, us dogs can be easily distracted, its really important to keep your pooch on a lead near roads. Its all part of being a responsible and caring dog owner.!

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