Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aktiontier "Animal protection" Education Program for School Children

Marion Gonzalez (Director of Aktiontier) showing a drawing made by one of the school children

I recently visited Aktioniter and listened to their education program for children. The school children attending were from El Luther King.  Marion the Director of Aktiontier first of all showed the children around the dog shelter starting with the kennels and the agility area. The children then listened to a volunteer in their inhouse surgery, he explained the anatomy of a dog, health issues and the importance of having your dog micro chipped.
Children walking towards Aktiontier buiding

The Vet explaining about micro-chipping

Marion helping a child over the dog agility ramp

sitting in circles in the puppy area...

Marion then talked to the children about how to look after your dog and responsible ownership ie making sure you take out your dog for regular walks clean up after your dog and make sure the dog is groomed properly etc... A quiz was then set for the children to see how much information they remembered from the morning  and a prize was then given.

Marion explaining to the children about responsible dog ownership

It was a wonderful morning and the children really enjoyed the talks and of course its a great fun way of  teaching children to learn and respect animals. Hopefully the important information provided by the Aktionier volunteers will be remembered when they are adults.

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  1. This is fantastic and exactly what is needed, well done to Aktiontier and for Tenerife Dogs for promoting it.

  2. Great work, it would be a good thing for the local schools to go there too.
    This is what is needed here, more education about properly taking care of animals.

    Selina x

  3. Hi Stephen, That is exactly what accion-del-sol are working on this year..