Friday, July 31, 2009

Digital Dogs at Animal Center Sur El Medano

Check out Nikki's wooftastic exhibition of "digital dogs" at the Veterinary practice, Animal Center Sur (opposite the car park and football stadium) El Medano.

Profits of sales go to Live Arico

Here is an example of a couple of handsome pooches posing for the camera...


  1. Those are adorable dog pictures. I miss my dogs. But some of us may not realise how much responsibility dogs may mean to us. My daughter wanted to emigrate to Europe and the only place which accepted her Rottweiler and Steffy was Holland. I don't think she tried the UK. Anyway, just figure how much we go out of our way for the love of dogs. But look at them in your blog -- and shame, they deserve much love and care.

  2. Hi Gabriele,

    Quite right as you say pet ownership should not be entered in lightly, its a big reponsibilty.

    Hi Carpet stain removal ( strange name, I bet you were teased at school)-Thanks for the kind comment I do like your cute banner.